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The area's best guitar repair and mainenance services including setups, pickup installations, structural repairs, broken headstocks and so much more.  All stringed instrument services done in-house, satisfaction guaranteed.  Our attention to detail and personalized service will ensure your guitar will play, sound and perform better than ever. All work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


Located in Richboro, PA we're just minutes from Churchville, Ivyland, Holland, Southampton, Feasterville, Newtown, Yardley, Huntingdon Valley, NE Philadelphia (45 min from Center City), Bensalem, Doylestown, Warminster, Warrington and all placed in between.







We are trem pros! We setup, install & upgrade Floyd Rose, Kahler, Stetsbar and many more. Want your Floyd set to Drop C w/ titanium saddles? No problem. Done right, satisfaction guaranteed. 



Guitar Repair Price List

Restring - $15 plus cost of strings - includes general cleaning & polishing of instrument, fret polish, fingerboard treatment, tightening/lubrication of tuning pegs as needed, restring, string stretching and tuning. Classical, Mandolin or 12-string add $5, Locking Tremelo add $10

Basic Setup - $55 plus strings - includes restring service. Truss rod adjusted, bridge height set, saddles set to proper radius to match fretboard, intonation set. Electronics checked and cleaned as needed.

Most electric guitars set to tolerances of 4/64" low E @ 12th fret, 3/64" hi E @ 12th fret, relief of .010" @ 7th with 1st and 14th fret depressed. Nut slots cut to optimal height.

Most acoustic guitars set to tolerances of 6/64" low E @ 12th fret, 4/64" hi E @ 12th fret, relief of .010-.015 @ 7th with 1st and 14th fret depressed. Nut slots cut to optimal height.

Note: lower radius vintage-style fingerboards or guitars with unlevel frets may require a higher action or fret leveling to accomodate low action. To ensure optimal playability, we recommend our Pro Setup for players who desire a low action. 

Pro Setup - $89 plus strings -0ur most popular setup! This is the works. Includes basic setup plus frets leveled and crowned, then polished to a mirror shine for a truly high-end playing feel.  Removes all playing wear and mild to moderate dents & abrasions (severe dents may require partial or full replacement). Rough fret edges smoothed and polished. Makes a $200 guitar feel like you added a zero.  Satisfaction guaranteed!

Pickup Install (electric) $45 for (1), $55 for (2), $65 for (3) - add $20 for semi-hollow or full hollow guitars. Add $15 for active pickups (requires stereo input jack & battery terminal wiring unless direct replacement). Clean solder joints, wires cut to length. Neat work equals reliability and happy players.

Pickup Install (acoustic) $45 single source undersaddle or soundboard mount, $69 dual source -includes reaming endpin to accomodate jack, fitting pickup, trimming saddle to compensate for pickup height (undersaddle only) and mounting any internal controls and wiring. Non-standard installations by quote.

Nut Replacement - Pre-Cut $69 plus material cost - *INCLUDES BASIC SETUP* - removal of existing or broken nut, clean and level slot, shape and cut new nut. * Note: Pre-cut replacement nuts still need final fitting, shaping and slot filing for proper fit and final string height. Pre-Cut plastic nuts range from $2.99-$4.99, graphite nuts from $7-$9.95, brass from $9.95, Tusq synthetic pre-cut from $8.95. Earvana compensated nuts for most models in stock from $21.95 to $29.95.

Nut Replacment - Custom $79 plus materials- *INCLUDES BASIC SETUP* - hand cut from blank. Choose bone, brass, Tusq or Graphite.  Always a perfect fit and finished feel.  

Bridge replacement - Electric $69 - *INCLUDES BASIC SETUP*. Add $39 for vintage style to 2-point conversion. Add $59 to route  for recessed Floyd or other. Add $39 for locking nut installation (replaces standard nut)

Acoustic Saddle replacement - $69 - *INCLUDES BASIC SETUP*. Price includes Tusq compensated saddle. Add $10 for hand shaped compensated bone saddle. 

Bridge replacment - Acoustic - $165 - *Includes pro setup w/ fret level and new hand-shaped compensated saddle.* Includes removal of cracked or damaged bridge, fitting and installation of replacment bridge. Cost includes basic Martin-style bridge in Rosewood or Ebony. Custom fabrication of bridge by quote. 

NEW! Acoustic performance package - $149 - The best upgrades you can get for your acoustic plus ultimate playability! Bone nut and Bone saddle upgrades with our signature fret work. Nothing adds tone, volume and clarity to an acoustic guitar like genuine bone at the nut and saddle. And nothing feels better than a buttery action with mirror-shine frets! Wonder why custom guitars play so much better? The biggest secret is the extra attention to the fretwork. 

Tuning Machines replaced/installed - $39 for retrofit - includes restring. Add $15 for holes filled and stained to color-match headstock. Refinish back of headstock to conceal holes by quote.

Complete Refret - $299 -includes Pro Setup. Add $50 for bound or lacquered fingerboards. Partial refrets at $9 per fret plus cost of Pro Setup @ $79.


Electronics installation/replacment

Selector switch - 3-way LP style $25 plus part add $15 for semi-hollow or hollowbody guitars/basses. Part cost is $5.95 (import box-style), $11.95-$18.95 Switchcraft, Panasonic or other.

Selector switch - 3 or 5-way strat/tele style $35 plus part. Part cost is $7.95 (import style) to $17.95 (super switch).

Input Jack 1/4" mono or stereo $20 plus part. Add $5 for pickguard mount, add $20 for semi-hollow or hollow body guitars without side-mount plate. Part cost is $2.95 (switchcraft 1/4" mono) - $11.95 (stereo barrel style for flush-mount).

Volume/Tone Pot - $25 plus part add $5 for pickguard mount, add $5 for concentric, blend or push/pull pot. Part cost $3.95 (dime size split shaft) to $13.99 (quality concentric or push/pull). Add $20 for semi-hollow or hollow body guitars.

Mini-Switch for coil tap, series/parallel, on/off - $25 plus part. Add $7.50 for additional holes if needed. Add $20 for semi-hollow or hollow body guitars.

Custom Installations (midi, Sustainers, active preamps, etc) by quote.



Structural repairs

Broken Headstock - $150 and up - includes repair, filling, sanding and finish touchup. Repairs smooth to the touch and color basic color matched. Add $50 to burst headstock to conceal repair completely.

Neck Reset - Acoustic - $299 Dovetail neck joint. Includes Pro Setup. Replacement saddle and nut as needed.  Non-traditional neck joints require less time and are priced accordingly. Bolt on Taylor neck $109 (includes Pro Setup w/ fret level), Bolt on neck w/ glued fingerboard (Tacoma, USA Breedlove, Garrison, etc) $199 (includes Pro Setup).

Finish touch ups, crack repairs and other repairs by quote.

We fix all structural and cosmetic repairs such as cracks, crushes, holes, drops, El Kabongs, run-ins with golf clubs, "gave it to my cousin and got it back like this" 's, and many more. Before you throw it away, call us first! If the repair cost is just beyond what it's worth, we can still pay you for parts!!!  We always need salvage guitars for repair work.  Tuners, bridge parts, internal bracings, etc. can all put cash in your pocket.

Brass & Woodwind repairs by Robert Ambs

Electronics repairs by Musicians Electronic Services

 - Keyboards, PA equipment, Guitar & Bass amplifiers, recording gear, etc. 


Drop off service is now available at The High Street Music Company in Pottstown!  Now, if you live in western Montgomery county or Berks, you can save the long drive to Richboro!  Click here for details...